Those fancy movie awards called the Oscars are this Sunday. Have you made your bets yet? Take the weekend off from wagering on hoops and try and win some coin by predicting who wins a shiny and new Academy Award. Hey if you screw up and lose a lot of money, at least you can say you were not gambling on sports again.

Here are the odds from bodog.

2009 Academy Awards - Best Supporting Actress

Penelope Cruz 20/31
Marisa Tomei 21/4
Viola Davis 33/10
Taraji P Henson 11/4
Amy Adams 27/4

2009 Academy Awards - Best Film

Slumdog Millionaire 1/7
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 6/1
Milk 12/1
Frost / Nixon 30/1
The Reader 20/1

2009 Academy Awards - Best Director

Danny Boyle 1/11
David Fincher 8/1
Ron Howard 25/1
Gus Van Sant 22/1
Stephen Daldry 35/1

2009 Academy Awards - Best Actor

Mickey Rourke 10/21
Sean Penn 19/10
Frank Langella 13/1
Brad Pitt 20/1
Richard Jenkins 40/1

2009 Academy Awards - Best Actress

Kate Winslet 4/11
Anne Hathaway 6/1
Meryl Streep 4/1
Angelina Jolie 25/1
Melissa Leo 35/1

2009 Academy Awards - Best Supporting Actor

Heath Ledger 1/35
Philip Seymour Hoffman 20/1
Josh Brolin 40/1
Michael Shannon 50/1
Robert Downey Jr. 35/1

Just for the record we are laying the cash on:

Marisa Tomei
Slumdog Millionaire
David Fincher
Mickey Rourke
Anne Hathaway
Heath Ledger

We are also betting we will not be awake when the final award is presented.

Good luck.

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