New York has it all.

They have Broadway, great places to eat and now random people getting shot with an arrow.

On Sunday a woman was wounded by an arrow on a New York City street.

Police say they think the arrow was shot into the air at random and that is from the NYPD Blue so you gotta believe it to be accurate.

Police said the fibreglass arrow is the type that can be used for either practice or hunting.

Officers searched the area but no arrests had been made as of Monday.

Well we have a few ideas of who it might be after the jump.

Robin Hood


No idea who she is but nice to look at


The Duke Boys

Van Helsing


Keira Knightley

The Punisher

Arnold in the Predator

Our personal choice to get shot by - Abigail in Blade Trinity

One of those Narnia kids

The Scorpion King

That Legend of Zelda dude

and finally….


So who do you think it was. With it being NYC, all of these options are pretty realistic.

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