Have you checked out Sports Intensity yet? If you are into betting on sports it is a no brainer to head over there now and find one of the best sports betting sites going.

Right off the bat, you will notice one of the best features of the site. You can view sports betting odds side by side across nine trusted online sportsbooks with the sports betting odds comparison tool.

This is pretty handy when looking for the best value out there.

The other reason to like Sports Intensity is that it was created and operated by a guy just like you.

The site was created in 2005 to provide free, in-depth, knowledgeable, and objective sportsbook information to the sports wagering community.

It will recommend companies that have passed significant and thorough fairness and service tests.

The site will supply as much up-front information as possible about these companies.

Using the site will make you aware of what companies to avoid. My goal

The overall goal is to make sports betting easier and more lucrative for you.

The man behind the curtain is Jackie Baltimore. He has worked in the gaming industry for over two decades, and in online gaming specifically for over seven years.

He decided make this website in the hopes that everything he learned would be useful to someone else besides his buddies.

He does not work for any of the companies listed on this website, and he doesn’t have anything to gain by promoting one sportsbook over another.

He basically is an informed guy trying to police his own industry and pass the info a long to you, the bettor.

There really are only a handful of good online sportsbooks out there to use and if you check out Sports Intensity, you will know all about them fast.

Most of these sites have been in business for over a decade, and all of them at least five years. In that time they’ve established a respectable reputation of timely payouts, fair play, and good service. These sites are solid, and Jackie will stake his reputation on it.

Head over there now and get in the game and don’t worry about losing your shirt, unless you make the wrong picks of course.

Happy sports betting!

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