Times are tough out there. The recession is making everyone resort to really desperate acts and this one is up there.

Police are looking for two men and a woman they say snatched $3,400 worth of panties from a Victoria’s Secret in a Texas suburb of Hurst.

The police report says the thieves took 100 panties valued at $14 each and 125 valued at $16 each.

No idea why they did not take more of the pricey ones but to each his/her own.

The suspects removed the panties from drawers opened at the front of the store and started placing them into a bag while most of the employees were in the rear of Victoria’s Secret.

We suspect they were busy twittering or reading TMZ.com.

No arrests have been made in the March 9 theft.

So be on the look out for someone who has an endless supply of Victoria’s Secrets panties. To help you know what to look for exactly we have provided some material for closer study.

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