As the Toronto Raptors prepare to face the New York Knicks this evening, the anger that we feel towards our favorite team is about to boil over. Hard to figure since they are going for their seventh win in a row. Most fans would love it if their team was riding a six-game winning streak. Not us.

The season is over in terms of making the playoffs and now they start to string wins together and play well? Now Jose Calderon starts to look like what we expected? So annoying. It is fool’s gold and nobody should buy into this being the team to expect next year.

To be honest all they are doing is hurting their lottery spot and the quality of player they could draft.

This is the part of the year when you tank and take nights off on D. Nobody cares if you are the hottest team in the NBA over the last few weeks, it means nothing.

Raptors fans are so used to this pattern. They give you enough hope for next year that you are excited over the summer. Then the process starts all over.

These are the most unenjoyable wins we have watched in a long time, because we know it actually is a bad thing in the long run.

If only this would of happened two months ago.

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