At Cuzoogle we dabble in the world of gambling every now and then and because of that, we thought we had seen it all. You can wager on some pretty crazy things these days but the following betting lines are like nothing we have seen before.

Over at BETUS, you can actually lay money down on search engines!

Forget football and horse racing, take the money you made flipping burgers and go blow it all on Microsoft Bing, Google and Yahoo.

Don’t worry, it is not nerdy at all. But you may not want to tell your friends about it unless you win big.

Here is the full listing of odds.

The number 2 ranked search Engine on Dec 31 2009

123 +120
124 Yahoo -160

US ranking only. The number 2 most popular search engine on December 31st 2009

Who will buy Yahoo by December 31st 2009

125 Microsoft +150
126 Google +300
127 Neither company -300

Odds on Yahoo being acquired by a major competitor before Dec 31st 2009.

First Search Engine to offer Real Time Search

128 Google -400
129 Bing +150
130 Yahoo +450

Odds on Company to publically announce they offer Real Time Search.

Bing to rank 1st in Google for term Search Engine

Yes +1000

Bing must rank first in Google Search results for the term “Search Engine” before Dec. 31st for Yes to be graded a winner.

Odds are all from of course.

While you are here, tell us what your search engine of choice is when you are looking for the best pictures of Megan Fox or the best way to get rid of that weird rash?

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