Over the weekend Hedo Turkoglu took some sound advice from his wife and blew of the Portland Trailblazers for the Toronto Raptors.

Now it can’t become official until July 8th but it certainly looks like the Turkish star is going north of the border.

Personally I don’t even care what the Raptors spent, you can always fix a bad contract later. There will always be Steve Kerr’s out there to screw over so I am not too concerned.

Hedo is the shot in the arm the Raptors need to get back in the playoff hunt and here are 9 reasons why.

1. He is at the top of his game right now. He will help the Raptors short-term so they better make their run now and keep Bosh happy.

2. First real small forward they have had in years. He can slash and hit the long bomb.

3. If Calderon or Roko are hurt or in foul trouble, Hedo can easily run the point. He did it for the Magic in the playoffs and really excelled.

4. Money scorer. He seems to get better in the fourth quarter and hits the big shots. Something the Raps have lacked for awhile.

5. Gives Raptors nation something to get excited about. Even my Mum is fired up about Hedo.

6. Could be a great mentor for Andrea Bargnani. They have similar games and Hedo could certainly share some of his growing pains with Il Muggo.

7. Defensive problems for opposing teams. If Hedo and Bargs are on the floor together, what do you do with those two on either wing. They can both drive and hit the jumper. Can’t wait to see that.

8. Turkoglu will add some mental toughness to a team needing it. He is a fighter and has a chip on his shoulder and hopefully this rubs off on other Raptors.

9. Might be enough to show Bosh that there is reason to stay in TO.

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