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The mid-week day off is a wonderful thing, but it’s so easily wasted by overestimating one’s ability to consume alcohol.

A single post-work beer at the nearest watering hole turned into a steady stream of Stella (thanks Michelle!), which led my motley crew back to the office to hit up the liquor cabinet therein. Three hours of vodka consumption later, I’m walking a staggering co-worker home to make sure he isn’t mugged.

Turns out he’d have been better off being mugged, what with him being married with three kids. I’ve met his wife. She scares me. Anyway, she’d been trying to reach him all night, getting angrier with each passing hour. My co-worker neglected to mention this.

He had the look of a man sentenced to the gallows as he approached his porch. Poor, stupid fuck.

As for myself, I managed to make it downtown for the Remembrance Day ceremony at 11 am today, but reeking of booze and with hair pointing in all directions. Stay classy, T-Roc… you lush.

Point being I’ve accomplished nothing today except polluting my workspace with beer farts. Luckily, no hangover can fuck with how strongly I feel about this week’s pixxx. All odds are from Pinnaclesports.com as of Wednesday afternoon.

Georgia Tech at Duke, noon ET: Over 59

I compared Josh Nesbitt to Reggie Ball earlier this year (ie both were shitty enough passers to cost their respective talented teammates a conference title).

I take it back - Nesbitt’s better than Ball and he’s better at running Tech’s option than I suspected he would be. If Tech doesn’t win the ACC, it’ll be the defence (and not Nesbitt) to blame.

Clemson at North Carolina State, noon ET: Over 58

Another early ACC shootout that should keep the scoreboard operators busy.

Clemson’s averaging 31.8 points per conference game, 39.3 over its last three. And since the 7-3 opening-night snooze-fest against South Carolina, NC State’s scored 31.6 per game against FBS opponents while giving up 39.7 per game over that same span.

Houston at UCF, noon ET: Houston - 4 ½

The Cougars have already cost backers a couple of paydays as a road favourite in C-USA play this season, but did you see Texas rip UCF’s secondary a new one last week?

I did and it gives me confidence in Case Keenum & Co. to easily outscore the Golden Knights on Saturday, no matter how many points the Houston ‘D’ concedes.

Michigan at Wisconsin, noon ET: Wisconsin -8 ½

Having four of my six picks kick off at noon (actually 1 p.m. in my time zone) means my Saturday evening mood will be determined pretty early in the afternoon.

Michigan has suffered three bad losses in a row and I see no reason to suspect a radical turnaround. Wisconsin, on the other hand, is quietly creeping towards a 10-2 regular season record and should likely be a double-digit favourite.

BYU at New Mexico, 2 p.m. ET: BYU - 26 ½

Taking another Cougars squad as a road favourite, eh? Seems I love cougars this week. Who am I kidding - the T-Roc loves the cougars every week.

BYU is 5-0 on the road this season with an average winning score of 51-13 against its four non-BCS conference opponents. New Mexico is winless, losing six games by 20-plus points.

Notre Dame at Pitt, 8 p.m. ET: Pitt -7

Notre Dame’s vertical passing game is great but it ain’t enough to land a BCS bowl spot, in spite of the favouritism the Irish have to their benefit when it comes to such bowl opportunities.

Pitt, on the other hand, has a reasonable shot at a BCS bowl berth, thanks to a ground game that should scare the shit out of Cincinnati fans. Seems I like panthers as well as cougars this week.

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