You may have gotten the idea over the time that I have been writing this blog that I am no big fan of Hedo Turkoglu, but my dislike for him has reached new highs over the past couple of weeks.

Turkoglu told a newspaper in his Turkish homeland late last week that he was unhappy in Toronto – well I am more unhappy that he is in Toronto and hope that the Raptors seriously look for a taker for his acidic contract this off-season.

His ‘effort’ last season was, at times, embarrassing for someone who stands to earn $43.8m over the next four seasons (it hurts to just type that!) and at the very best all we can hope for is some more positive performances if he does stay.

He set recent lows in just about every statistical category you can imagine, yet still has the temerity to complain about the team, the city and, probably only in private, he’d let off some steam about not being paid enough as well.

What to do with him? Well, outright release would be nice, but in the knowledge that that would be nigh on impossible, my personal hope is that Mr. Colangelo and the rest of the back office do everything they can to trade him, as far away as possible.

For the upcoming season, NBA Odds suggests is likely to be one for rebuilding only, everyone on the team needs to be looking in the same direction, with no one not willing to put in 100% effort and make the team as good as it can be in what are sure to be trying times.

Seems like the Orlando Magic are really missing the player they allowed to leave at the end of last season, so maybe they should be the the first call…Vinsanity anyone? A proper three-point threat who needs to start in JJ Redick?

But the most interesting talk amongst NBA Betting experts seemed to come in terms of a sign-and-trade deal involving Chris Bosh as well, something I picked up off a blog in Chicago.

A proper rebuild job possibly taking the Raptors to three first-round picks this season, plus Taj Gibson, James Johnson and possibly one of Luol Deng and Kirk Hinrich -wouldn’t be a bad haul for a couple of players who clearly don’t fancy Canada much more.

Rant over!!

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