Very little to talk about on the Toronto Raptors front but it is always fun to make mountains out of mole hills when given the chance. Those looking at Sportsbook patterns note how the draft lottery did not help out the team as much as fans would of liked (although I was glad they did not get first pick) and now there is speculation that Bargnani is on the move.

Personally this feels like nothing more than media, sports betting pundits and fans trying to generate something to talk about that is not how well Chris Bosh is doing in the playoffs. It is hard to talk Raptors 365 days a year and thanks to rumours, it makes it much easier.

Bryan Colangelo let it all hang out when he broke down Bargnani’s season. He was disappointed in Bargnani’s effort even though the Italian was one of the best scorers in the NBA. The Raptors need boards and toughness out of the 4 and 5 spot on the floor and as fans know, Bargnani is pretty soft and passive.

Recently Il Muggo fired back in a rather passive way basically saying he would like to play elsewhere next season. He likes the warmer climates and who can blame him. He seems like a perfect fit for the L.A. Clippers? No? Send him and Jose Calderon down south for Blake Griffin. Yeah I know, only in dreams.

There is a rumour going around that the Raps are putting Bargnani out there in a Rudy Gay deal. Don’t they already have DeMar DeRozen? Forget Gay, we want Gasol.

So does Bargnani have a new attitude or was the comment taken out of context? I can’t see Bargnani bringing a tough and rumble attitude to the court next season. For the most part, you are who you are and few players reinvent their game.

So whether Andrea is in Toronto or somewhere warm and sunny, expect the same high scoring, low boarding center that Raptors fans have come to tolerate.

Personally I am still not ready to give up on the guy. Call me crazy but he is very talented. I still feel he has not had a coach that knows how to motivate him and use his skills at a premium. Look how Maybe we pair him up with a Udonis Haslim type so all Bargnani has to do is score.

We are not asking for the defensive player of the year kind of effort, just more than he is currently giving. It is a team game and for the most part, the Raptors are lacking any hustle and flow.

I am ready to give Andrea one more season to change and then time to ship him out of town.

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