Well it looks like the NBA is back everyone. Once everything is signed, sealed and delivered, the games and live betting will begin on Christmas day.

That means less than a month for teams to prepare and get the rust off. Hell, rust is not even the word. Players have not even been in the same city yet let alone thinking about practice.

Shortened seasons really test those who can adapt and break routines. Players and coaches have their routines and none of them include starting at the end of November.

Training camps and the free-agent market are scheduled to open Dec. 9. The regular season will begin Dec. 25. Exhibition games will probably be played from Dec. 17 to 24.

Yep, a week for exhibition games.

To make it simple, teams are going to be paired off and play two games against the same team. Rumour has it, it will be a team that is geographically friendly (sorry Portland).

The Toronto Raptors will most likely play the Detroit Pistons.

This short turnaround will likely result in some less than stellar basketball early on. Those Christmas day games will be ugly as players get their timing down and you know there will be a lot of guys sucking wind.

It actually is set up for the superstars to have big days because their talent will just take over. LeBron, Kobe, Rose…..look for them all to have high a high scoring game on Christmas.

As for the full regular season schedule. It is still being formulated and could be sent to teams for approval this week. It will probably not be released publicly until early next week. That is when teams will get to see what strong teams they get to avoid.

With a shortened schedule there will be winners and losers in terms of schedule strength. I personally hope the Raptors will have less road games against some of the Western powers.

We will see.

It will be a crap shoot for teams in the first few weeks. Anyone who can get on a hot run right off the bat could run away and hide and coast into the playoffs.

Injuries will be huge this year. Not only will be players be out of shape and prone to more injuries. Teams will have less time to recover if they lose one of the their stars.

A short NBA season certainly is not ideal. But it is going to be a lot of fun and keep the competition high. Most teams will be in the postseason hunt this year, which for fans, will be very exciting.


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