Well there is certainly not a lack of drama in the NBA Playoffs and it has only been two days. Wow, what a crazy opening weekend. Let’s see, the Bulls are all but out of the title talk, Durant adds to his legend, Bynum with 10 blocks, the Celtics look done, Miami has the refs in their pocket, the Clippers come back from 27 and the Spurs win an opening game.

What more could there be? Oh yeah, the Magic win without Dwight Howard.

Whoa, gotta catch my breath. What else could go down this week? Based on the crazy season that was shortened by the lockout, this playoff season I believe is going to be very unpreticable.

It will be the team that can stay healthy and string a few wins together that will win in June. And based on the first two days, it could be any number of teams.

The Heat, Lakers, Thunder and Spurs all did what they were supposed to do. Win. But for Indiana, Boston and the Bulls, that is not how it was supposed to start out.

Chicago is in the deepest hole. They went from being a mega-favorite with one of the best players in the NBA, to a team that should get out of the first round.

Odds to win title before playoffs started

HEAT 8-5

Updated odds

HEAT 5-4

The West is looking wild all by itself. If Bynum put up those kind of numbers all the time, the Lakers are going to be scary. We all know what Kobe can do, so if he gets help, look out.

Memphis, everyone’s darling, had a 27 point lead against the Clippers last night and blew it. That is the kind of swing that is bigger than just one game. The Grizz will be deflated, while the Clippers will feed off of it.

I can’t wait to see what happens this week. So far there have been a handful out outcomes and incidents that I could not of imagined and that is what makesĀ  the playoffs so great.

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