First I admit, I have not watched each and every game and to be honest, not that much. But I have watched highlights and read a lot and I have to say, what a difference between weekend one and weekend two of the the NBA Playoffs.

Is it actually fair to say they have become boring? Oklahoma City swept, the Spurs, Lakers, Heat, Celtics, Sixers and Pacers are all up 3-1 and the drama has left the building.

Yes, it was great to see the Knicks actually win a game, but it is meaningless. They are done on Wednesday.

The only series with any life and unpredictability is the Grizz and Clippers and no offense to either, but I don’t care.

Star players are dropping like flies and it is clearing majot obstacles for teams to move on. The West will get better in Round 2 for sure but the East? It looks like clear sailing for the Heat all the way to the Finals (sorry Indiana or Boston).

After last season’s playoffs that many have said were the best in terms of a fan, it is a bummer to follow it up with what is shaping up to be the worst. Maybe that is fitting for a lockout shortened year.

It could be worse, it could be the NHL where the final four may turn out to be four teams nobody cares about other than the home fans.

Oh well, maybe this week will add some spice to the NBA, but I doubt it.

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