This NBA season was about hope if you are a fan of the Toronto Raptors. It was a fresh start. This was the year to make a turn and fight for the playoffs.

Well I bought into it. Now, once again, the feeling of being duped, is in my head.

Maybe it is because I watched The Walking Dead lastnight that the comparison works. Or maybe it is just a good headline to get crawled, who knows.

Anyways, the Raptors are a bunch of walkers, just looking dead on the court and having no hope for ever returning to normal.

New players, one more year under the belts of the core players and an Eastern Conference that was not exactly stacked.

But ever since DeMar DeRozan signed that inflated multi-year contract, the Raptors have looked worse than ever.

Over the first six games, this is where the team stands:

  • One win over Minnesota (which considering the Wolves are 5-2, is not that bad).
  • Kyle L owry hurt.
  • Landry Fields is a bust.
  • Stuck with Calderon leading the point and being a pylon on defense.
  • Bargnani scoring but doing little else.
  • The team taking quarters off (32-7 against the Sixers).
  • Poor coaching decisions and player rotations.
  • An ACC crowd booooooing already.
  • Aaron Gray getting more minutes than Jonas Valanciunas.
  • A killer schedule that pretty much has them playing in the West to start the year.

Add it all up and you have a 1-5 team that looks lost and ready to just mail it in and look forward to Christmas.

Are there any positives? Hmmm, Amir Johnson has a decent Facebook page? No, that just won’t be enough.

That first game agains the Pacers was amazing, even in a loss. I was jacked for a season of effort and excitement and fun.

Six games later, we are back to the same old Raps. Playing about 80% of the game and not being able to deliver when it counts.

Last night’s triple-OT loss to the Jazz was a perfect example. The Raps should of won and it should of never gotten that far. But, we all know, that is how the games end in Dinoland.

Ever other fan gets to enjoy a clutch shot or a blowout win, especially when the Raptors are on the floor.

I truly believe the talent is there. So much talent. But is the effort? Can a team with Andrea Bargnani as one of the main pieces, ever win? He has talent but is the main example of a walker on that team. He even looks like one sometimes.

Every since the first two games, I have hardly even cared to try and watch. It is too painful.

We tuned in to the Sixers game and watched a video game where the Sixers could not miss. It was a joke.

With no Maple Leafs to take the brunt of the media, the Raptors are in for some pain. Or, maybe they are so not important in TO that the media will just move on to indoor floor hockey leagues or something.

Whatever the case, this is not the start I envisioned for the Toronto Raptors. Only the Pistons and Wizards are worse.

So Raptors fans, too early to sound the alarms? Is this going to get even uglier?

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