I did not watch last night’s 113-110 loss to the Denver Nuggets. One, it was on way too late for this guy, and two, I already knew what would happen.

How? The Raptors blueprint of course. Even my wife knows it.

Here is how a large majority of how the games go.

1. Finally get a win.

2. Have more than 2 days off.

3. Show signs of being happy, joking, turning it around.

4. Show up for game with a sense of “we can get another one.”

5. Start off slow and get down early.

6. Jose comes in with energy on offense but nothing on defense.

7. Bargani makes a 3.

8. Other team goes up 15-20.

9. Matt and Jack/Leo try to explain why they are down so much.

10. Half time show sucks.

11. Nobody watches the third quarter due to the game essentially being over.

12. A quick check during a commercial shows that the bench has brought them back.

13. By the fourth, it is a game again. You get hooked back in.

14. Starters come back in, get it down to a few buckets. Hope, hope hope.

15. Crunch time, the other team executes every time.

16. Raptors show signs of toughness and clutch play getting it all the way to a bucket down.

17. Game is on the line, they go to DeRozan, get misses the winner or game tier.

18. Another heart breaker for the Raps, we all go home bummed.

19. Everyone goes over in their heads how it could of been better.

20. We realize we got sucked in again.

So how did I do? Was that anything like the game in Denver last night? Probably.

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