This Sunday is Super Bowl 47 and will feature the Baltimore Ravens and San Fransisco 49ers. I read last week it was The Wire vs. Full House. Two classic TV shows that take place in the respective cities. Very funny take on the game but really not that far off.

The Ravens are a lot like The Wire. Tough, gritty and edgy. The Niners, well it is unfair to compare them to Uncle Jesse, but that’s the rub.

Living on the East Coast, I hear a lot more about the Ravens and therefore, in my mind they are the favorites.

However, the sportsbooks are giving the Niners the edge when making bets. Super Bowl 47 Odds have the Niners listed as 4-point favorites for Sundays big showdown. There is really nothing left to move that line since weather won’t be a factor and everyone who is playing, is rested.

The Niners have made it to the big game by beating the Green Bay Packers, a team many picked to win it all this year.

The Ravens, well they had a much harder road. They had to take out the always dangerous New England Patriots. I for one am glad not to have to see Tom Brady on TV (other than commercials) during Super Sunday.

I am pulling for the Ravens. I love the story. I like hard-nosed defense. I like the idea of Ray Lewis going out on top. They are the movie story that needs the proper ending.

If the Ravens can keep things low scoring, I think they have a chance. The Niners were the pick of a lot of experts so there is no surprise they are in the game and favored.

The other story line is the Harbaugh brothers at head coach for each team. Oh if there was another frequency where they could talk to each other during the game like Call of Duty.

I will be cooking football food and parking it on the couch Sunday for this game. No Super Bowl 47 betting for me but if I had to lay money down, I would go with the upset – Baltimore style. You heard it here.

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