That is the opinion of Joe Flacco’s agent anyway. Who can argue with him when the stats are added up?

After the Baltimore Ravens’ victory in Super Bowl XLVII, Flacco has won just as many Super Bowls as the two highest-paid quarter backs in NFL, Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos and Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints.

With Manning and Brees 36 and 34 respectively, and Flacco only 28, he has age on his side and that is the point that his agent is trying to push forward to the Ravens.

Joe Linta told the NFL betting news: “When you do a contract of this magnitude, you look at what is the player’s body of work presently, and what are the expectations going forward over the next four, five or six years. Joe wins on both accounts.”

Flacco’s 2012 salary was reportedly $4.61m, and the salary for an elite quarterback is around the $18-20 million mark.

Winning the Super Bowl changes everything for a player and the wages he will receive dictates this. A year ago, a contract of that magnitude would have been laughed at by fans betting NFL but, after guiding the Ravens to a win on the biggest stage, it would be unfair not to put Flacco in that ‘elite’ bracket.

The MVP at the Super Bowl has been given to the winning team’s Quarterback 26 times out of the 48 matches and Flacco was awarded the coveted prize when the Ravens beat the 49ers.

In the four game post-season run by the Ravens, Flacco was more than impressive; he passed for 1,140 yards, and had 11 touchdowns with zero interceptions.

Whether Flacco is in the same elite category as the likes of Peyton or Eli Manning and Tom Brady is questionable but when you are voted the MVP in a Super Bowl victory, you deserve to be paid the salary to acknowledge that accolade.

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