First of all, thank you so much for stopping by.

Cuzoogle (The start of my last name and google) has evolved from a website I first made when I was attending University many years ago. I have always needed a creative outlet and my tiny piece of real estate on the web seems to do it.

Cuzoogle in a nutshell is a blog that covers all of the things I watch, listen to, read and want to tell my friends about.

What first started out as a way to keep my Mum informed on what I am up to on the East Coast of Canada, has turned into an addiction that now has multiple writers.

I can’t always promise you will find the words to your liking but I can promise you the team here will try to do their best to make Cuzoogle as entertaining and interesting as we can.

Thanks to all who contribute and to those who read on a regular basis.

Now on with the show…..

A Small Disclaimer just to cover our ass

Alll content and media contained herein isĀ produced by or supplied to Cuzoogle or collected freely from the internet and deemed to be in the public domain.

If you believe you own the copyright to any images or content that appears on this site, pleaseĀ contact us. We try to play by the rules so don’t hold it against us.

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