June 20 th

Video: Bic Shavers

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There are so many different razors and shavers out there. It means you need to get creative with your advertisements. Bic does a great job with this.
Especially with the latest videos for Bic Shavers.
Get your everyday tough on with BIC Razors and College Humor.
Some guys jump out of airplanes and hang from the edge of [...]

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June 17 th

Use Mobile Sports Betting Apps To Gain An Edge

Posted by Cuzzy in Sports, Sports Betting

One thing I have learned in all my years being involved with sports betting, everything happens fast and if you stop paying attention for even 25 minutes, you could lose a lot of money.
Lines move, injuries happen and weather changes. That is the nature of sports betting. So how do you keep up to date [...]

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June 17 th

Basketball Is Over, Now What?

Posted by Cuzzy in basketball

Now that the Spurs have blown up the Heat franchise, what do basketball fans do? I guess we wait for the draft by watching World Cup?
Anyways, not much Raptors news going on, so the blog is going to be quiet for awhile.
Here is a story from my own life about taking my son to his [...]

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April 14 th

Video: Valvoline Reinvention

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Have you heard that Valvoline is making a bit of a comeback? Okay, so they never went anywhere, but they are reinventing themselves.
See the video below and then read all about it with excerpts from the official press release.

Reinvention Project Revealed: ValvolineTM unveils Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s and Jimmie Johnson’s classic truck creations
Sprint Cup drivers debut [...]

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