Want to contribute to a growing sports blog?

Ask yourself these questions:

* Are you a solid writer with a strong opinion or have a vast knowledge of something?
* Do you surf the net and see links that you think people would like?
* Do you have a sense of humour?
* Are you a fan of sports, movies, music, television, cooking or blogging?
* Does the idea of getting in on the ground floor of something big interest you?
* Do you wish you could have your own blog but don’t have the time to maintain one?

If you answered yes to most or all of those questions we may have just what you are looking for. As Cuzoogle grows it will become even more important to maintain a daily flow of interesting content and we are always looking for new people with fresh ideas.

We can’t promise any compensation (for now) other than the pride of seeing your work on the computer screen and knowing thousands of people are reading it. One day Cuzoogle will make money and when it happens, you will certainly be part of that.

Get in on the ground floor and join the team.

If you are interested please contact us and tell us a little bit about yourself and what you would like to write about. Take a look around the blog and get an idea of what we provide our readers.

Look forward to hearing from you and all of your great ideas.



Here is the list of freelancers that have contributed in the past.

First I have to give a shout out to my IT guys.

Are you a newbie and need help with your blog? If you can’t find the help you need contact Jeff from Buzz my Blog or Bryan from GrandmasterB and they will fix pretty much anything for a resonable low price.

Now for the writers


He goes by the name of T-Roc and just because he is from Canada, don’t think he doesn’t know his college ball. He may have an above average understanding of the CFL, a background in law and a soft spot for CBC dramas but come
college football
season, T-Roc knows his shit. Once upon a time he used to cover NCAA football like smog covers Beijing. He used to write for a major sports website and now that his day job has changed he needs an outlet for picks, rankings and analysis. Check out his archives here.

Danny is a regular media, and sports buff who enjoys giving others his thoughts on the things he loves. You might catch him writing about anything from Seinfeld and Johnny Depp, to Van Halen and what is going on in the NHL. Danny is a blogging enigma, and will always find something amusing to write about in every post. For this reason Cuzoogle feels very lucky to have him aboard. You can read all of Danny’s work to date in his archive or you can visit one of his blogs here.

Kyle pretty much is the music department here at Cuzoogle. Every week he posts his picks for songs that you need to check out. Nothing will stop the weekly picks so you can pretty much bet the farm that on Thursday there will be new music to listen to. Check it out and if you don’t like the picks, I doubt Kyle will care, he only cares that you listen to something. Check out his Six Pix archive.

Greg Gamble
If you love sports, betting and babes, you will love Greg Gamble’s work. Every now and then he drops Cuzoogle a post and we appreciate it. His words are biting, sarcastic and 99% of the time, bang on. You can check out his daily sports betting blog here or check out his Cuzoogle archive here.

If there is one thing that Jbru knows it is hoops. JBru contributes regularily to Cuzoogle on all things ball. Living in Halifax he works at a sports betting web site by day and is a hip hop all-star by night. Check out a video of his here and if you like you can always contact us to see where he is playing. It is a down time for the baller seeing as he is a die hard Knicks fan but the great thing about sports is eventually everyone is good again unless you are the L.A. Clippers. J-ballers archive.


Say what you want about Jackson Rock but you can always count on a very strong and passionate opinion when talking about the Toronto Raptors. Canada’s only basketball team is close to JRock’s heart and he wears it on his sleeve 24/7. I predict that one day Jackson will be a star in the blogosphere and will start to spin away from Cuzoogle. We say that is cool as long as you give us a link on your supercool blog roll. Raptors NBA Champs 2009 campaign has officially begun. JRocks archive.

The Rocks
From time to time my most adventurous reporters send me some great posts about their recent outings. JPR and Casey will go after any story with full on energy and detail. You may spot them roaming around Toronto with their camera from time to time. They did a great job reporting on the World Cup in 2006 and love sharing their stories at the ACC. Teamwork is there strength as JPR usually handles the visiual and Casey follows up with the written. Cuzoogle loves the work from the trenches and these two reporters certainly dig in. Rock Reporters archive.

Edwin adds a bit of a Motown bias to the site. No he is not from Detroit but his Windsor roots pretty much add the same spice to his character. Eddie is all things Pistons, Red Wings and Tigers. I was told not to add Lions to that list although I know down deep Eddie still has a picture of Barry Sanders on his wall. Now that Edwin is a dad, will his work reflect it? Well will see in the coming year how one of the most dominating post players ever will handle the new daddy responsibilities. Edwins achive.

What is there to say about the crazy world of Kevin. Not only is he the selp-appointed Lord of the Fries, he also is one of the underlying heart beats of Cuzoogle. I get a lot of my ideas and my sense of humour from this guy so I have to give him props for all my success. Now living in Boston, Kevin will one day be the cure for all things bad in the world with his PHD in brainage. When not reading about WWII Kevin can be found rockin the XBOX. Kev’s archive.

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