January 30 th

Cuzzy status check

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I am sure those of you who don’t come here to read about the Toronto Raptors have been waiting for some kind of update on me.
Well no news is good news I guess. I am still plugging away on the job hunt, resumes are lifting off and taking flight. I am just hoping they land [...]

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January 20 th

Nothing like a night at the Taj Mahal

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Good Sunday morning everyone. It is a very snowy day here in Halifax so far. I am not really sure when the downfall started because it was a calm and somewhat mild evening when I went to bed around 1am.
Makes for a relaxing, stay at home Sunday on Kline.
Last night we went out on the [...]

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January 14 th

Another week is here

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Man it is cold today in Halifax. I was just getting used to the somewhat mild temps. I hear there is snow on the way and considering Boston is having a snow day, it could be soon.
I am a little behind due to the snow day. Kevin was home from work and very chatty online. [...]

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December 27 th

Boxing day rehash

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For those of you who know me, I bunkered down in Halifax this Christmas and worked. I did have Boxing Day off and I made the most of the quality “me” time with movies and cooking.
I made burritos and sausage rolls to last the week and I watched Good Luck Chuck and Shoot ‘Em Up.
My [...]

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