July 17 th

USA basketball squad named

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The United States, recognised as the most successful Olympic Basketball champions of all-time, will defend their Beijing crown with a weakened squad, but could still be the team to beat at London 2012, according to the bookies on Betfair.com.
The lucky 12 that will compete has recently been announced, but there was no place for Eric [...]

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July 16 th

Chris Bosh will go anywhere for attention

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After winning a NBA Title, you would figure someone who is considered one of the Big Three in Miami and one of the best players in the league, summer league is the last place you would be hanging out.
But what if there are cameras and people who will listen your your quips?
Well we are talking [...]

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May 14 th

Video: Ricky Rubio’s backward shot from chair

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Pretty slick shot from Ricky Rubio. Forget being able to walk, just park him outside the arc.

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December 29 th

Suns sign Redd to chuck endless shots

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Well the Phoenix Suns have thrown in the towel. They must be looking to break some kind of shots per game record. Why? They have signed prolific “chucker”, Michael Redd.
Redd is a career 44.9-percent shooter overall, including 38.3 percent from three-point range, and owns 1,003 career threes, one of just nine players in NBA history [...]

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