July 25 th

Raptors coming to Halifax in fall

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When I heard the news I had to double check the facts. It was too hard to believe. The Toronto Raptors were going to be coming to Halifax and practicing within walking distance of my house? Awesome.
The Raptors will be at the Canada Games Centre in Clayton Park where it will hold its training [...]

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August 30 th

University professor quits when he can’t get a parking pass

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Here is an example of someone finally having enough.

A professor at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia says a severe shortage of parking spaces at the Halifax school has forced him to quit.
Forced him? So the lack of parking passes put a gun to his head and forced him?
Dan Middlemiss and hundreds of other Dalhousie [...]

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August 5 th

Local news: Mother Goose is dead

Posted by Cuzzy in Halifax

Now this has nothing to do with hoops, babes or pop culture but we wanted to do our part and honour a local friend.
One of the most famous birds in Halifax, kicked the bucket on Monday.
Fondly named Mother or Momma Goose, she was dropped off at the Public Gardens in Halifax over 20 years ago [...]

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June 16 th

Charles Barkley coming to Nova Scotia, Cuzoogle HQ?

Posted by Cuzzy in Celebrities

This may not seem like big news to a lot of you out there but when major sports celebs come to our province, it is exciting.
Tiger Woods will be in Nova Scotia next week now he is bringing some friends.
The Fox Harb’r Golf and Spa Resort near Wallace, N.S. will host the world’s greatest golfer [...]

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