January 25 th

Video: Megan Fox island

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Well if you are going to wash up on the shore of some remote island, it may as well be full of Megan Fox clones. Just make sure you speak english.
Nice work CCAA, a South American English language school.

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September 9 th

Foreign poster for Jennifer’s Body

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Whatever the language, the poster is hot.

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August 4 th

No Megan Fox day? For reals?

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Since we were a little out of touch yesterday with it being a holiday and all, we missed out on all the buzz surrounding this “ban Megan Fox day”.
Why on earth would we want to do that?
Anyways, AskMen.com has weighed in with a video all about the big event (that is currently going on right [...]

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July 26 th

Megan Fox does Comic-Con - Nerds rejoice

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Megan Fox, one of the hottest women on the planet came to Comic-Con to show all the nerds what they will never have. Instead, they will have to settle for one of her movie posters.
Fox was in San Diego at Comic-Con International 2009 to promote her new films Jennifer’s Body and Jonah Hex.
Not that Fox [...]

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