February 11 th

How to Manipulate Breathing for Singing Effectively

Posted by Cuzzy in Music

Breathing is something that comes naturally to us. As a result, we hardly consider it to be a complicated activity. For all intents and purposes, we take it for granted. Yet, if you want to excel in singing, then you would have to take the process of breathing quite seriously.
A good singer can control his [...]

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May 10 th

Chris Brown leaked nude Rihanna photos?

Posted by Cuzzy in Babes, Celebrities, Music

Nothing like the fallout of a bad breakup.
Cellphone nude Rihanna pics leaked onto the Net and rumour has it, Chris Brown was the culprit (of course).
Def Jam Records sent a letter to websites that published the photos demanding the photos be taken down, calling the photos a violation of the artist’s rights..
It’s unclear whether Brown [...]

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January 20 th

Cuzoogle’s Crush of the week - Nelly Furtado

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Every Tuesday we take a poll around the office and feature a lovely lady that we all have a bit of a crush on. Now with any crush it can pass pretty quick but for this week at least, enjoy the photos.
When we were watching the Raptors get owned by the Suns on Sunday (go [...]

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December 17 th

Best news ever!! Canadian Idol canned

Posted by Cuzzy in Music, tv shows

Merry Christmas to all!!
Quite possibly the worst show on TV (in our eyes) has been canned for 2009. Finally the recession has done something good for everyone.
Predictions of falling advertising revenue have prompted CTV to put the Canadian Idol series on hold for 2009.
In a statement issued by CTV late Tuesday, it announced the reality [...]

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