July 16 th

The Emmy Nominations are in - Vote now

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The Emmy Award nominees were announced this morning. Thoughts? Who was left out?
We think it is just a running joke that Tony Shalhoub got a nod for Monk again. Is that show even on TV still?
Anyways, here are the nominees and a spot for you to vote on who will win.

addthis_url [...]

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May 11 th

Role players from the second round the Raps need

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We spent a lot of time watching the NBA Playoffs on the weekend. The weather was cold and rainy so what else would we be doing?
One of the best parts of watching games that don’t involve the Toronto Raptors is you get to enjoy quality basketball and see what the Raps lack and need to [...]

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May 6 th

Cuzoogle’s list of 10 shows that should be canceled

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Today we were reading one of our favorite sites, TV Squad, and they had a list of 10 shows that need to be canceled. Now while we agree with most of them, it got us thinking of our own list based solely on what we watch at the HQ.
So without spending too much time with [...]

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April 15 th

The NBA playoff payoff - It’s time to ball y’all

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Other than March Madness, Christmas and Pancake Tuesday, the NBA playoffs are the best thing to come down the pipe each year. It does not even matter that our beloved Raptors will be trying to figure out the game of golf instead of a first round series.
The NBA playoffs rule and we can’t even put [...]

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