February 23 rd

Man Photoshops Celebrities Into His Holiday Party Photos

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Man, back in the day when I actually had time to load Photoshop, this is something I would of done. Hilarious photos.

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via BuzzFeed

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January 24 th

Photo: Intercourse Village Hotel

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Nothing more really needs to be said about this photo. Nice to see they have all you can eat specials.

via College Humor
Want to learn more about Intercourse Village? Well for starters, it is located in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Here is a blurb from their official website.
Enjoy over 100 Shops, Restaurants, Galleries & [...]

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November 6 th

Today’s CNN geography lesson - Cannes is in Spain?

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Having worked in the TV industry in a previous life, I always get a kick out of seeing major blunders on air. Why? Because I can usually tell how they came to happen. This one from CNN is just someone being 100% lazy and not checking their work.

In case it is too early for you, [...]

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May 10 th

Chris Brown leaked nude Rihanna photos?

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Nothing like the fallout of a bad breakup.
Cellphone nude Rihanna pics leaked onto the Net and rumour has it, Chris Brown was the culprit (of course).
Def Jam Records sent a letter to websites that published the photos demanding the photos be taken down, calling the photos a violation of the artist’s rights..
It’s unclear whether Brown [...]

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