November 10 th

Ozzy and Jack Sparrow looking more and more alike

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Okay so this is what my entire Survivor night has come down to. Every time Ozzy is on screen it just makes me think of Jack Sparrow and those crappy Pirate movies. The preview for next week with Ozzy on top of the tree looking out for trouble did not help. Oh well, I hope [...]

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October 24 th

Rupert from Survivor to run for Government in Indiana?

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For those who have read Cuzoogle for awhile, you know we have a soft spot in our heart for Survivor. The show has been on our radar since day one, so it is no surprise we have to mention this story we saw in the Huffington Post over the weekend.
Rupert Boneham For Governor!
That’s right, Rupert [...]

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September 14 th

Odds to win Survivor Samoa

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The latest edition of Survivor kicks off this Thursday and that only leaves a few days to make your picks on who will win. The promos are really pushing this whole villain thing so it will be interesting if the season is a little more edgy and interesting. The last one was pretty boring and [...]

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February 12 th

Survivor Tocantins starts tonight, who you picking?

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The 18th season of Survivor kicks off tonight and we at Cuzoogle are about as excited as ESPN is when Brett Favre takes a dump.
Survivor: Tocantins boasts an intriguing cast of beautiful people, seemingly likable people, along with a few wild cards. There is a Grammy nominee, the wife of a former NFL running [...]

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