October 18 th

Video: Blake Griffin dunk verus the Kings

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We will be seeing a lot of this over the season. Blake Griffin dunking, go figure.

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September 25 th

Video: Horrible call gives the Seahawks the win

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For those who missed the end of the Monday nighter last night. You probably went to bed thinking Green Bay would win. Oh, but you forgot the replacement ref factor. Just watch this distaster.
Seattle won 14-12.

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August 28 th

VIDEO: Trailer for Head Games

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Head Games is a revealing documentary about the concussion crisis in sports. Athletes and parents share their personal struggles in dealing with concussions from the professional to youth levels. Inspired by events from the book Head Games written by Christopher Nowinski, the film offers eye-opening insight and cutting-edge science on head trauma from the nation’s [...]

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July 17 th

Video: CFL’s 129-Yard Missed FG Return TD

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The NFL of course is the king of football but if you want the wild and crazy, there is nothing like checking out the CFL.
Take a look at this wild play that happened last Thursday. Tristan Jackson’s 129-Yard Missed FG Return TD to help the Green Riders win 23-20 and improve to 3-0 in the [...]

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